Let's Improve the Data

Take a listen to this concerning interview with Steve Balmer.  As a businessman, I always respect the data.  And this data suggests that we have much work to do!  The Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce can play a role in reversing this trend. By expanding and growing African American owned businesses, we can help more minorities move from poverty to prosperity.  We can help our children achieve wealth despite their childhood situations.  Are you with me??



Join the NVBCC today.



NVBCC statement on recent events

Dear Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce Members,

The shootings of the past week have been incredibly discouraging and our prayers are with the loved ones of each person that lost their lives.  We encourage each of you as business owners and executives to also be leaders in your communities.  We are here on earth not just to make money for ourselves, but also to use our talents and abilities to make the world a better place. Stay positive…BE ACTIVE!



Corey Holeman

Chairman of the Board

Chairman Update

Dear Members and Potential Members of the NVBCC,

Thank you so much to those of you who attending our event on May 17th, featuring Author Maggie Anderson.  We hope you were inspired by her wisdom, passion, and commitment to the support of Black Owned Businesses!  Here are a few important updates:

  • Its not too late to join!  Our membership fee is $150 and you can join anytime on our website at www.nvbcc.org.  The flat membership fee applies to everyone, including small businesses, large businesses, and individuals.  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions on our website for additional information on Chamber benefits
  • Some attendees were unable to purchase signed copies of Maggie Anderson's "Our Black Year".  You can purchase a signed copy of her book at  http://www.authormaggieanderson.com/book.html 
  • Mark your calendar for the following upcoming dates:
  • Tuesday, July 12th- First meeting for the Member businesses located in Fairfax County. Time and Location tbd
  • Tuesday, July 26th- First meeting for the Member businesses located in the Prince William Co. Region of the NVBCC.  Time and Location tbd.
  • October 12th- Our next big "Joint Chamber" event.  The details of this event will be distributed shortly.

Are you following us on Facebook & Twitter?  If not, you are certainly missing out on great information.


Corey Holeman

Chairman of the Board

State of Black Northern Virginia 2016

Fellow Northern VA Colleagues and Friends,

I am still reeling from the excitement of the State of Black VA event held by the NOVA Coalition on Saturday!  I was honored to be a Panelist for the discussion on African American Business, alongside 3 incredible community and business leaders:

  • Karl Brower, President of the PWC NAACP   
  • Kezia Williams, The Black Upstart
  • Sheina Waddell, Owner Waddell Entertainment Consultants

The current Lieutenant Gov. Ralph Northam gave excellent remarks.  My good friend, and Candidate for Lieutenant Gov, Justin Fairfax, graced us with a truly inspiring Keynote Address.

The Northern VA Black Chamber of Commerce looks forward to future partnerships with other impactful within Northern VA.  As the saying goes… “If you want to go fast, go alone…But if you want to go far, go TOGETHER!”




Hello and Welcome to the Northern VA Black Chamber of Commerce!

Our Chamber is dedicated to training, education, resources, and developing connections that will drive African American businesses forward.  Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a well-established CEO, the Chamber plans to provide services that will help you get to the next level.  Come join us and help “level the playing field”.

I sincerely hope you will come out to hear the incredible Author and Keynote Speaker, Maggie Anderson on May 17th.  I am still reading her book, Our Black Year, which I find to be both inspirational and insightful.  The truth in her book speaks volumes of the long road we have ahead to help black entrepreneurs develop basic, everyday businesses.  Mrs. Anderson has encouraged me to focus more on “Buying Black”.  I challenge you to do the same….when was the last time you proactively sought to shop at a black-owned business?

Joining our Chamber will make this step easier for everyone, when we begin publishing black-owned businesses on our site.  We are still developing our site and recruiting new members, so this will take some time.  But together, we can do it.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  But if you want to go far, go TOGETHER! 

-Author Unknown (but he or she was obviously very wise)

Corey Holeman

NVBCC Chairman