Momentum, Collective Inc.

MC Inc.'s mission is to use the arts as a conduit to Educate, Enrich and ultimately Empower the lives of low and moderate-income youth.  Our goal is to build cultured young leaders through our Focus Areas which includes Performing Arts, Leadership Development, Technology and Special Events including operating a musical theater company. Founder and Executive Director Jason Ellis can be reached at 

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Soca Yacht Club is a boutique travel agency that charters state-of-the-art yachts to meet your travel needs with all-inclusive travel packages to a Caribbean oasis.  We were established to not only provide a special and opulent experience to the traditional travel enthusiast, but also to expand the sailing industry’s connectivity to African Americans and other minorities.  Contact the Director of Operations and Diversity, Sheila Ruffin, CTA, Esq., at (703) 647-3647 or email