Economic Evolution Accelerator Program

The Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce introduces the Economic Evolution Accelerator Program, tailored specifically for Black-owned businesses.

Join us for a transformative 12-week educational journey designed to empower you in expanding and strengthening your business.

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Who It's For

The program supports early-stage businesses in all sectors and industries. If you are a tax professional, own a restaurant, work in health and wealth, or are an entertainer, this accelerator is for you.

For too long, there have been certain restrictions on access to education, funding, and networks to help Black-owned enterprises become a vital part of the small business ecosystem. Black-owned companies only account for 3% of business in the United States and only 1% of total revenue1, while Black/African Americans make up 13.6 percent of the population2.

The Economic Evolution Accelerator Program, through Congressional Funding and Support from the SBA, has built a program that will quickly turn your business into an enterprise.


Our Focus

The workshop-driven program focuses on mentorship, training, leadership mindset, and technology. Most accelerator programs focus on a particular sector or industry—like technology. Our focus is to provide the education and resources for Black-owned businesses to grow, sustain, and get funding for their business.

The Economic Evolution Accelerator Program encompasses four key categories:

  1. Business Development and Operations
  2. Business Certification
  3. Technical Assistance and Education
  4. Business Scalability, Resilience, and Recovery

Additionally, you will unlock access to invaluable resources and gain the knowledge and skills needed to propel your business forward.

Before you apply…

It is recommended, but not required for acceptance, that your business have:

  • At least 2 years of business operations
  • $50,000 annual revenue
  • Virginia-registered: If your business is not registered in Virginia, please learn more on the Virginia Foreign Business Registration webpage. It's only $75 to register.
  • Members of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce will be selected first. Learn more about membership here.


  • Participation is mandatory. Three unexcused absences will result in your business being disqualified from participating in the rest of the program.
  • You must attend every workshop with your webcam ON. Make arrangements for each class, or you will be counted absent.


  • Over an 11 week period, there will be workshops on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Each week is centered around a particular category, outlined above. (See "What You'll Learn".)
  • The program will be hosted on Google Classroom for ease of use and increased collaboration.
  • Instructors will have office hours if students want to gain more information.

Demo Day

After 11 weeks of the intensive and amazing workshop, each student in the cohort will have the opportunity to do pitch their business in front of banks, CDFI (Community Development Financial Institutions), and VC (Venture Capitalist) at our Demo Day.

Alumni Network

After successful completion of the Accelerator, cohorts will have access to an ever-expanding alumni network, provided by NVBCC.


The accelerator program is broken down into three separate cohorts, that will not exceed 34 business participants. Workshops are three hours each and will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Participation is mandatory.

Important Dates

Accepting Applications.
February 26, 2024
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Accepting Applications.
May 17, 2024
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Accepting Applications.
August 9, 2024
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