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A woman opens her shop for business.


Executive Corner

To promote the growth and sustainability of our participating businesses with the goal of decreasing the wealth income gap of black-owned businesses in Northern Virginia.

Six components of programming: • Business Development and Operation • Business Certifications• Technical Assistance and Education  • Business Scalability• Business Resilience and Recovery• Access to Resources Component 1: Business DevelopmentStrategic PlanningFinancial Management Market Research Analysis Sales and MarketingOperational EfficiencyEducation and trainingComponent 2: Business Certification and Interactive Workshops-Assist black-owned businesses in obtaining relevant business certifications Component 3: Technology and access to continued educationAdvanced digital infrastructure and connectivityCloud-based solutions for efficient operationsData Analytics and business intelligence toolsE-commerce platforms and website development supportAutomation and AI-driven technologiesEstablish partnerships with educational institutions to offer scholarships.Provide laptops and portable bandwidth for distance learning.workshops, mentorship programs focused on technology and business education.Component 4:  Infrastructure and Scalability:Support businesses in establishing scalable infrastructure to facilitate their growth, and competitiveness, including:Guidance on technology adoption, automation, and operational efficiency to streamline processes. Offer access to shared resources such as co-working spaces, manufacturing facilities, and distribution networks.Component 5: Business Resilience and RecoveryIdentify businesses impacted by long term effects of the COVID pandemic and businesses located in Hub and Opportunity zones.Provide mentorship and coaching to help business adapt their strategies and operation for recovery and long-term sustainability.Component 6: Access to ResourcesPartner with local organizations to provide foundational business tools and create pathways to capital to reach financial goals.Provide subject matter expertise (SME) guidance on readily available private and government resources.