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Positioned outside our nation’s capital in the vibrant multicultural hub of Northern Virginia, the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce is an incredibly important organization for Black businesses and organizations.

Our advocacy for and education of Black businesses and organizations is second to none, and our mission, especially at this moment in history, has never been of greater importance:

Our Mission: To create an environment where Black business in Northern Virginia can strive to succeed.

The NVBCC wants to be the first place Black professionals turn to for:

  • The latest advocacy issues and actions. During the pandemic we help dozens of businesses in the black community to connect with state, local and private funding sources.
  • Top-notch education and hottest trends and issues of importance. We have helped several business owners in the community with their marketing positioning to pivot their business during this time. Several members continue to grow their businesses through our robust relationships and directory. Leveraging partners like Google for training and education continues to be an invaluable resource for our members.
  • Personal, dynamic, valuable networking to make the connections that will grow into profitable relationships. We are close to tripling our membership due to members collaborating with one another during our Business Stamina opportunity to unite members and the community.
  • BTRNow (Build Thriving Returns Now) program partnership development is an exciting and NEW initiative for the Chamber. We are actively seeking corporate support for revitalization programs geared toward industries most hard hit in the Black community. Companies such as Dominion Energy, Microsoft, Google and Lyft are showing interest in the future of our community development work.

Your sponsorship will help us achieve a more rapid expansion of our programs, create new opportunities for expanding essential services and partnerships, and ultimately grow our membership to serve the business and professional, entrepreneur and administrator who do business here in the greater Northern Virginia area.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to our sponsors & community partners for their support.

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