Jameel Scott

Fundraising Committee co-Chair

A woman opens her shop for business.

Jameel A. Scott is an Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker, where he leads a team of agents, known as the JTR Team, located in Northern Virginia. His team has consistently been recognized as one of the leading real-estate teams in the state of Virginia. Additionally, Mr. Scott is a real estate instructor with Moseley Real Estate School, where he teaches several classes on various topics.

In addition to his profession in real estate, he owns an investment partnership whereby he pools funds with other investors to invest in the financial market. He is also an audit specialist with the U.S. Government.

For his own empowerment and edification, Jameel earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Morehouse College. Soon after graduating with his undergraduate degree, he attended and graduated from Drew University where he earned a Master of Theological Studies. He later attended the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), where he studied Education Policy while working at the Wharton Business School. Upon graduating with his Masters in Higher Education Policy from UPenn, he continued to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Education Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. To top off his academic credentials he earned a Graduate Certificate from Georgetown University in Business Administration.

Jameel has served on boards in the DC Metro area. He has served on First Book DC Board, a nonprofit working to provide books and resources to students in the DC area, in addition to serving on the Ira Dorsey Foundation Board, which raises funds to provide scholarships to students from the area to attend college.

Jameel loves to spend time with his beautiful wife Lakeisha Scott and two young sons Thomas and Anderson Scott. He enjoys watching basketball- and believe it or not- reading about the financial market and analyzing trends and predictions in the real estate market. And when he can get outside, he relishes riding his bike.