Michael Anthony

Director of Operations and Community Engagement

A woman opens her shop for business.

Michael Anthony is an accomplished Director, Producer, Writer, and Transmedia storyteller. When it comes to storytelling, he believes in understanding the “why.” Why, you ask?

Good video is nothing without a purpose, and good audio is nothing without a message. So then, why gives us the direction, purpose, and vision to craft the best content possible.

He loves providing the best service and products for his customers and audience. His background gives him the versatility to perform various media creations in multiple spaces, from live performance, video production, live streaming, and virtual events. This has been on full display with him writing, directing, and producing a feature-length documentary about this long-forgotten story titled “Walls that Bleed: The Story of the Dudley/A&T Uprising.” The film had a successful film festival run and was nominated for best documentary film sponsored by HBO and CNN. In addition, Michael has received numerous awards for his media work in producing Distance Learning modules, Best Short Films, and Audience Awards. He is a passionate, dedicated, and creative content creator driven by the dedication to truth, justice, and entertainment.

Tell the truth, but make it fascinating, is a motto he believes in. Stories that are out there need to be documented, they need to be curated, and they need to be shared. Michael holds a B.F.A. in Professional Theater with a concentration in Directing from North Carolina A&T State University and an M.F.A. in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University.